Carlito Del Valle has made the step up from the P1 AquaX 300 amateur class to make his name as a pro rider in 2018, and is pushing for a top 10 finish in the finale.

Carlito Del Valle

Miami, FL
AquaX Pro Enduro

P1 AquaX 300 Am Champion

Carlito rose to prominence on the back of an impressive amateur career. Victory in 2016 and 2017 in the AquaX 300 Am series spurred him to become Pro ahead of the 2018 season.

Carlito's father was a PWC champion and helped fuel his immense passion for racing. He has never looked back since committing himself to the sport. Having raced in P1 AquaX series since 2014 and become a National and World champion in the amateur series, the time was right in 2018 for Carlito to prove himself on the biggest stage in PWC racing.

A solid series for Carlito has seen him take up 15th place in the Pro Series standings. With a homecoming at Fort Lauderdale to finish the season, Carlito will be looking to push for a top 10 finish.

Just one position below fellow Pro/Rookie Cody Tetreault in 15th place in the World Rankings and three points behind Christian Daly in the Pro/Rookie US Series standings, Carlito is riding well and is making an impact on the main stage.