Here is the place to find out who is fighting fit going into the Fort Lauderdale Grand Prix.

You can take a look back at how our pros and amateurs have been riding throughout the 2018 season so far, see how many points they have racked up and choose your favourites to back going into the competition…

World Rider Rankings
Rider Riding Position Overall Points Nationality
Eric Francis GP1800 1 99283 United States
Chris Macclugage GP1800 2 97077 United States
Brian Baldwin GP1800 3 91401 United States
Erminio Iantosca RXT-X 300 4 65309 United States
Nicolas Rius GP1800 5 53009 France
Mike Klippenstein GP1800 6 49368 Canada
Joseph Harvey ULTRA 310R 7 47896 United Kingdom
Chris Saxon FX SVHO 8 47684 United States
Thomas Favolini GP1800 9 39734 France
Jay Edworthy RXPX 10 38963 Canada